Prion Classes

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Prion Classes

Post by ClellDawg16 on Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:19 pm

Advanced Military Reconnaissance, Expert marksmen and intelligence gatherers. Bright minds and brilliant tacticians.

Khepri Pulse Rifle, Khepri Combat Pistol, GXR-37 Fragmentation Grenades.

Armor:Khepri Industries Light Armor


The Prion Commonwealth's Military. Commanded by their supreme chancellor. Primary Armaments Determined by Indiviual Specialization. Other Amaments include a Khepri X9R Combat Pistol, GXR-37 Grenades and Khepri Combat Knife

Foot Soldier: Khepri Battle Rifle
Engineer: Khepri CS-45 Combat Shotgun
Vanguard: Khepri RX-30 Portable Missile Launcher and Khepri Battle Rifle
Sniper: Khepri TS-37 Sniper Rifle
Scout: Khepri Scouting Rifle
Pilot: Khepri Pulse Rifle

Armor: Standard Issue Khepri Industries Battle Armor


Contracted by the Prion Military and equipped byKhepri War Industries, the hunters are warriors not bound to military protocols. They do their work as they see fit.

Armaments:Khepri Combat Pistol or Command Pistol,Khepri WR-10 Wrist-Mount Rocket Launcher,Khepri Jump Pack,Khepri Combat Knife

Armor: Khepri Industires Adaptive Combat Armor


The Prion Response to the Etarizi Shade Dancers as support for soldiers on the frontlines. The temple of their order is located on Hadrion, A forest world under commonwealth control.

Armaments: Warblade or Warstaff
Armor: Tan Tunic, Tan Pants, Brown Boots, Khepri Chest Plate and Arm guards


Wind Walker
Prion Commonwealth's Intelligence Service uses the agents, code named Wind Walkers to infiltrate Empire controlled settlement, planets and military installations to gather intelligence for the Department of Defense.

Armaments: Varies from Mission to Mission
Armor: Varies from Mission to Mission

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