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Species Guide

Post by ClellDawg16 on Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:46 pm

Human- Humans are the most common species in the galaxy, and they are the norm against which other species are judged.

Cyborg- Cyborgs are Humans enhanced by cybernetic implants. Most cybernetics are implanted into humans to compensate for their injuries.

Nixu- (Etarizi Only Species) Human-like species, however, they are born without eyes, and instead view the entire galaxy through other ways. Nixu have a way of sensing things though a radar sense. They faithfully serve the Etarizi.

Gontharians- (Etarizi Only Species) A race of color-blind reptiles with folds of skin connecting their limbs to their bodies, allowing them to glide. Most prefer not to leave their home-world and use holographic representations of themselves to explore the galaxy instead. Those enlisted in the Etarizi Imperial military ranks however, do leave their homeworld.

Tralons- (Prion Only Species) Calling Argulava home, the Tralons are a race of argumentative humanoid aliens who are very difficult to please. When threatened by a survival situation, they are able to enter a state of suspended animation. Some members of religious orders have spent much of their lives in such a state, and have been able to extend their life-spans by as much as two hundred years as a result. Their soldiers ritually burn their own flesh as a demonstration of their bravery, leaving them horribly scarred. The Tralons are Simpathetic to the Prion Commonwealths cause.

Damavari- A race of humanoid aliens with blue skin and cranial antennae that can be found on almost every planet. They communicate telepathically, they have highly ordered and logical minds, and they are obsessed with mathematics and statistics. Both factions commonly enlist Damavari as strategists and tacticians.

Sudiri- A race of human-like aliens. They wear blue body paint. They once had an empire that stretched half-way across the galaxy, but their territory is now limited to a handful of star systems. Nevertheless, their voice still carries much weight, and they have political influence over many younger species.

Pavonorn (Etarizi Only Species)- A race of humanoid aliens who have pneumatic joints and four arms. They naturally produce a chemical that can be used to increase the life-span of other races. Because of this, other races have repeatedly attempted to invade their world. Some of these attempts have been successful; a human settlement enslaved their race for over two hundred years before being overthrown. Their government routinely assassinates individuals that are thought to be dangerous to the safety, productivity or happiness of others. It is seen as their responsibility to do so. The Etarizi Enlist them commonly into their infiltration and intelligence ranks.

Drazoliri (Prion Only Species)- A race of humanoid aliens with trunk-like noses and large antennae. They spend much of their time meditating and secrete an oily mucus that keeps their skin from drying out. They are common among the Prion Bladesingers as they are an introspective species

R'Kaorg- A race of ancient humanoid aliens who have horns on their heads and vestigial wings. The two factions recruit them for their durability, speed and cunning. They primarily inhabit Raron, but have branched out to many other planets. Unpredictable and eat almost anything.

Sleabak (Prion Only Species)- A race of cat-like humanoids who are governed by a monarchy. Their Hunter Nature is what makes them great scouts and hunters in the Prion Ranks as they are aligned to the Prion Commonwealth's views

Taurgons- A race of greedy humanoid aliens who have horns and bony heads. Their culture is similar to that of medieval China. Over recent years, their government has lost control, giving rise to a society of lawlessness and anarchy. They primarily communicate telepathically and build the fastest ships in the galaxy.

Selubans- A race of feathered reptilian humanoids with short snouts. Their home-world is rich in mineral wealth, making it a target for prospectors from many different species. Their culture is similar to that of ancient Greece. They can breathe in some of the most toxic of atmospheres and even long periods with no atmosphere at all and will not be crushed by the vacuum of space. There aren't many of this species left in the galaxy. Most end up in the cartels, some join the warring factions.

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